Dear colleagues ,

After the success of the two previous international conferences on long term noninvasive ventilation (NIV) in children in Paris, we decided to renew the experience in November 2019 with a large panel of European specialists.

The aim of this 2 days interactive conference will be to give an extensive overview of NIV in different diseases and situations, to present an update on the most recent data, to discuss therapeutic challenges and to share practical information through clinical cases. The conference includes symposia but interactive workshops in smaller groups will constitute the core of the conference. Experts on the different aspects of pediatric NIV will be happy to share their experience with you.

We are looking forward to welcome you again in Necker university hospital on November the 7th and 8th 2019 for an enthusiastic and fruitful meeting!


Brigitte Fauroux, Alessandro Amaddeo, Helene Prigent and Sonia Khirani - Paris, France.

François Abel, London - UK, Renato Cutrera, Rome - Italy, Uros Krivec, Ljubljana - Slovenia, Stijn Verhulst, Antwerp - Belgium.




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